Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dang Onion Chips

The Mexican Skeleton and I look forward eagerly to the Fancy Food Show in New York City. We take our time to see all the new edible products and make sure we sample as much as our stomachs can take in. Each year a new product captures our fancy. This year, we both fell in love with Dang Onion Chips. Crisp yet tender, oozing with caramelized onion confit flavor, our taste buds burst into song! We went back several times to get more of the samples given out. The very next day we went to Wholefoods and each bought two flavors: Salt & Pepper and Applewood BBQ. These chips are so mouthwatering that it is easy to munch one's way through a packet but we both like to enjoy them leisurely and so we ate ours with a glass of rosé. Then we hid the packets as we both knew that they would somehow mysteriously vanish in the middle of the night. Now that won't do, would it?

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